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Safoura Haghighi

Glimmers of Persia

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Painter of traditional Persian Safavid art and illumination with techniques to encompass modern expression.

Safoura Haghighi was born and raised in Tehran Iran in a family deeply rooted in traditional Persian painting. She is deeply influenced by the works of her late grandfather Mirza aqa Emami. Emami is known to have revived the artistic styles of the Safavid era with his works currently on display in European and Middle Eastern museums and is printed on the Persian national currency. His works are part of the permanent collections of the Louvre (Paris) and Metropolitan Museum (New York). The Emami Family is an artistic family extending back to the Safavid era. Throughout her childhood and youth she was fortunate to learn persian painting under the tutelage of her aunt, Zinat Emami, one of the most notable living Persian artists today. Safoura Haghighi currently lives in Great falls VA and continues to expand her artistic horizons under the guidance of Master Parvin Sepehr.

Safoura works in the medias of ink, gouache and watercolor. Over time she has grown to paint exclusively in the Safavid style. Her work includes miniature, Gol va Morgh (Flower and Bird), and Tahzib (illumination) painting. A central theme of Safavid art is the portrayal of an idealized paradise. Safavid era paintings often reflect scenes from famous poems written by the great Persian poets Rumi, Ferdowsi, Hafez and Saadi. It is in this spirit that Safoura’s paintings are each inspired by a verse of Rumi poetry.

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Safavid Era art symbolizes the divine world.

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Safoura Haghighi is a fifth generation artist who has maintained the traditional essentials of the Safavid Persian miniature style, however living in the united state has brought a twist of western culture into her palate. Over years she has sought enlightenment by expanding her education in a variety of fields and now is bringing everything together into her art to share her experiences in this exquisitely unique art form. The unique blend of traditional family secrets which have been passed down for generations  are mixed with her rich cultural experiences. Her paintings not only incorporate the mundane daily life, but they also bring intangible elements of poetry and spirituality to make each of her pieces a vivid multidimensional experience.

Great Falls, VA 22066

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Persian Miniature

The word "Miniature," in its traditional Persian context is different from the European style that depicts all objects as small. While Persian miniature uses fine drawing as well, the two words are false cognates. Persian Miniature is defined by two-dimensional depictions of a divine realm framed by illumination painting. Persian painting reflects calm and tranquility by portraying elements of mildness, delicacy, and charming silence. The aesthetic principles in Persian painting were formed and gradually developed around visually pleasing decoration of poetry books.

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